Month: October 2012

Tip: Handcent SMS For Android

Handcent logo, blue speech bubble with dots in it.

As some of you will know I’m an Android user and my current phone is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It’s a lovely device, it’s very powerful, it get’s direct updates from Google and overall I’m pretty happy with it. However,

Video: I Am Not Lefthanded – Crowdfunding

Ahoy hoy! Hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to share this video. It’s an interview with good friends of Rathole Radio the “mostly Irish” band I Am Not Lefthanded, Daniel discusses crowd funding and how it’s worked for them.

Ignite Liverpool – Nov 1st – 6pm

Ignite Liverpool logo, Red text on white background

Howdy everyone, just a quick post to let you know about another great event happening in Liverpool soon. In contrast to my usual last minute invites to these things, you actually have a week to mark it in your diaries

OggCamp Interactive Documentary

OggCamp 2012 - August 18th & 19th

Way back in the mists of time, a legend was forged… <cue the smoke machine>… ok it was only August but come on, I’m trying to be dramatic here! We held an event called OggCamp12 in Liverpool on August 18th

Podcast: FLOSS Weekly 228 – HPCC Systems

A screenshot from the show of Flavio with headset on talking to the camera

Howdy, I figured I’d start cross posting some of the podcasts I host here in case you’re interested. On Wednesday Randal Schwartz and I had a great chat with Dr Flavio Villanustre of HPCC Systems. It mostly concerned “big data”

Barcamp Liverpool – Oct 12th & 13th

The barcamp liverpool logo, complete with lamb banna.

Well well look at this, 2 posts in one day. It’s been a while since that happened. I posted about upcoming events for October in Liverpool earlier today, and I made a glaring omission. The one and only Barcamp Liverpool