Video: Hidden WordPress Easter Egg

Hello all, just a quick video post today. A little while ago I talked about a hidden Easter Egg sequence I’d found in the popular blogging platform WordPress. I’m sure I’m not the first to find this and post about it. However, today I got a chance to do a screen capture so I grabbed it with both hands. The text is a bit hard to read so apologies for that. The video was slightly hurried and the resolution could have been a lot higher.

This funny Matrix tribute happens if you enter the revisions page and attempt to compare a revision to itself by using the radio boxes. You’ll see that demonstrated in the video. Enjoy.

Try it out for yourself if you ever get prompted with that screen. I love that one of the WordPress developers spent so much time adding this in a hidden place. I wonder how many people have seen it? WordPress itself is licensed under the GNU GPL of course. So the code could be seen by anyone who wanted to, it was still a surprise to me though.

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