Month: January 2013

Fixture List: 28th Jan 2013

a drawing of a calendar with day circled in pen

Hey hey hey! That was my Fat Albert greeting, in case you couldn’t tell. Doesn’t work quite so well in text form I’ll admit. It’s almost the end of January. How did that happen? We’ve had some snow in Liverpool

Fixture List: 14th Jan 2013

a drawing of a calendar with day circled in pen

Well well well, it looks like 2013 is just determined to stick around doesn’t it? If you were hiding under the covers hoping it would go away you’re out of luck, sorry. On the upside though the Mayans were wrong

Podcasting Course – Friday Jan 25th – FACT Liverpool

A lolcat wearing very large headphones

Hello folks, I hope you’re all well? Today’s post is a gratuitous bit of advertising for a podcasting course I’m running on behalf of FACT in Liverpool. That’s not the Foundation Against Copyright Theft no, lot’s of people keep asking

Luis Suarez – Handball Isn’t Just An Olympic Sport

A picture of Luis Suarez in red Liverpool kit during a game

As some of you will know I’m a keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club, and sometimes I write about football matters here. An incident in the match this weekend has gotten me fired up and I want to address it.

Fixture List: 7th Jan 2013

a drawing of a calendar with day circled in pen

Hello folks, so the second week of 2013 is upon us already. Before you know it we’ll be back into summer again, let’s hope so hey. And let’s hope it’s a much better summer than we had last year. One

Fixture List: 1st Jan 2013

Hello and a Happy New Year to one and all. 2013 already, how did that happen hey? We’re fast approaching the kind of dates which regularly came up in the science fiction programs I watched as a kid, and I’m