Fixture List: 1st Jan 2013

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Fixture List

Hello and a Happy New Year to one and all. 2013 already, how did that happen hey? We’re fast approaching the kind of dates which regularly came up in the science fiction programs I watched as a kid, and I’m not that old, despite appearances. I’m sure you’ll all remember how Marty McFly gets a hover board and self lacing trainers in Back To The Future 2. He only travels to 2015, that’s 2 years away and there’s no sign of flying cars or any of the other stuff in the film round my neck of the woods. They’re gonna have to get cracking inventing stuff in the next couple of years. Then again in the 80’s it seemed a forgone conclusion that we’d all have personal robot assistants and be live in hermetically sealed bubbles by now. I have Android on my phone, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten to a personal robot butler. Anyway, I’m really rambling now. With Christmas over and 2013 well and truly under way, I have tons to catch up on and I’ll share some of that with you now…

Thursday January 3rd @ 9am-5pm – It’s Jelly Liverpool again this Thursday. I’ll be there all day upstairs in the lovely LEAF tea shop on Bold St, Liverpool. It’s an informal co-working day for freelancers of all types. We have free WiFi and also complimentary tea/coffee/whatever’s your poison on hand. If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool or nearby and you’ve never been to Jelly you’re missing out. Come and join us.

Sunday January 6th @ 9pm – I’ll be doing the first live Rathole Radio of 2013. I can’t wait to get back at it after a festive battle with Bronchitis took out my plans of a Christmas show. Apologies to anyone who was waiting for that but fear not. The weird music and even weirder waffling will be back! You can listen in via Icecast and chat with us on IRC. It’s a lot of fun and I love getting live contributions from people, so come join us.

It’s a bit of a truncated week this time with the New Year and all. There’s plenty more to mention in the coming weeks though, courses, events and more, I’ll keep you informed. Unfortunately our plans to get a head start recording the 20lb Sounds album overt he holidays also took a knock when I lost my voice, but we’ll be getting that back on track soon too. I’ll keep you up to date.

Hope to see some of you soon, take care,


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