Fixture List: 18th March 2013

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Fixture List

Hello everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Life has been very busy lately and finding time to blog is difficult. It’s all going pretty well though and I don’t have any complaints. I like being busy. I just feel I’m slightly neglecting certain things, such as this blog but also writing for Seven Streets and others. I’m currently teaching 3 separate courses per week, taking a teacher training course myself on Mondays, trying to get an album recording with my band, producing 3 podcasts, running many events and also overseeing Jelly Liverpool every other week. No rest for the wicked eh? It seems like maybe all this running around has caught up with me as I’ve come down with a bad cold this weekend. I’ve made some amendments to the podcast schedule in light of that. So without further ado let’s get into this week’s happenings.


Monday March 18th @ 9pm UK – I’m postponing Rathole Radio from Sunday to Monday this week because of my cold. With Linux Outlaws moving back a bit I can do RR tomorrow night instead. Join us for an hour of live rambling and eclectic music with yours truly. You can also chat and get involved live via IRC.

Wednesday March 20th @ 8pm UK – Live Linux Outlaws episode 303. It’s hard to believe we’ve done that many episodes but yes, it’s really true. Join us for the live broadcast via Youtube and comment in our IRC channel. We love hearing what you think about things and it makes the show more fun to do.
Thursday March 21st @ 9am-5pm – It’s Jelly Liverpool this Thursday. I’ll be there all day upstairs in the lovely LEAF tea shop on Bold St, Liverpool. It’s an informal co-working day for freelancers of all types. We have free WiFi and also complimentary tea/coffee on hand. If you’re a freelancer in Liverpool or nearby and you’ve never been to Jelly you’re missing out. Come and join us.

Friday March 22nd @ 10am-5pm – There’s a 2 day event called CodePool 2013 for students, hackers, developers and many more. It’s right in the heart of the city at The Quaker Meeting house near the Bluecoat Chambers on School Lane in Liverpool. I don’t know how many tickets are left but they cost £5 if you’d like to join us. One of the speakers is some bloke who claims to know about Open Source licensing and engaging with existing Open Source projects… oh and it’s me by the way. No idea what time I’m speaking but it will be Friday. The event is also running on Thursday.


That’s all I can think of for now but in between all this I’ll be running my courses, doing my teacher training qualification and much much more. Maybe I can tell you a bit about that in the future.

Until next we meet, take care,


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