All Isolating Together

Hello all, it’s a strange time in the world isn’t it? Everyone seems uncertain of what’s happening with Coronavirus. The very fact I am finding the time to update this blog is an indication of just how strange things are right now hehe 🙂 I haven’t written much on the blog in recent years as life has been more busy. I suppose that’s a trade off. Anyway, with current COVID-19 virus regulations in force I find myself sat at home a lot with a laptop and time on my hands. Hopefully this will lead to more blog posts and articles getting written. So let’s see how it goes…

Time on my hands, I expect many of us are in the same boat.

I have some good ideas for longer articles, many of which have been on the slate for years. I am also in the process of updating and redeveloping this whole site. Do you like the new orange theme? It’s simple but warm and welcoming I hope. One thing I have just noticed is the CSS is wrong for displaying text blocks. There’s no white space between paragraphs (facepalm). I am doing my best to love the new WordPress block editor but it’s not always a 2 way street. I will have to dig into the CSS (sigh). Any WP experts out there have feelings on the new block system? Feel free to share in the comments. I think overall it will be a positive thing once we all adjust to it.

I’m pleased to say my health is good right now. If you’ve seen my posts over the last few years you’ll know it’s been quite a ride. I am staying with family as we all do that self isolation thing that’s being enforced by the UK government. It feels a bit odd to call it “self-isolating with others” but you know what I mean. Family sticking together, helping some neighbours and so on.

How are you all dealing with the current situation? Anyone getting bored and stir crazy yet? It’s a big adjustment for us all.

Take care of yourselves, hopefully speak soon when I have written something new 🙂



  1. Stay safe, everyone.

  2. Hubby said I’m crazy, but I’m fearless . Have prepared for this for 30 years, a multilayered immunity and I’ve been in some pretty dicey health situations I could have caught something from, in the past 30 years. not even a head cold.

    Remember this is a test…..not the final exam :):)

    Hoping everyone out there is peaceful and kind.
    ~~Wishing you an uplifted spirit, an enlightened heart,
    peaceful moments, and restful days.~~

    Take a deep breath and relax. Do your best with smile and compassionate glow.

  3. Hey Dan,
    Glad to hear you are keeping well. As a life member of “The FF” I still keep an eye on most of you guys.

    A bit of a mixed bag down here with different states taking slightly varying approaches.
    Australia as a whole though seems to be opting for the “Flatten the curve” approach at this stage rather than total lock down “Eradication” model.

    Early days yet…

    Stay safe, and above all stay Feeble.

    Warmest Regards,


    • @mick Great to hear from you mate. Feeble Force never dies! It’s far too much effort. Glad all is ok Down Under, I was wondering how you were. Glad that we can keep in touch. You take care too, Dan

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