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Podcast: FLOSS Weekly 228 – HPCC Systems

A screenshot from the show of Flavio with headset on talking to the camera

Howdy, I figured I’d start cross posting some of the podcasts I host here in case you’re interested. On Wednesday Randal Schwartz and I had a great chat with Dr Flavio Villanustre of HPCC Systems. It mostly concerned “big data”

The Man From Auntie

Ok so I stole that title line from Ben Elton but it has been an exciting week. In keeping with my general “OMG I’m too busy to blog right now” demeanour of late, I just want to direct you towards

You Know You’ve Made It When…

…someone decides to make a program just to track what you’ve been eating and post it to a Google Calendar 😀 It seems that’s what the good folks from the Linux Link Tech Show have done. I was told about

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My Think Visibility Talk

As promised, here are the slides from my recent talk about podcasting and web broadcasting at the Think Visibility event in Leeds. These slides may not seem that useful on their own but hopefully you can glean some helpful information

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Liverpool Twestival And Beyond

Just thought I’d give you an update on both recent and upcoming events in my little world. Had a great time at both Liverpool and Chester LUGs recently, salivated a little over all the Google G1 phones on display at

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Linux Outlaws 75 Released

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that episode 75 of the Linux Outlaws podcast was released this afternoon. It contains our in-depth interview with Miguel De Icaza of Novell and I think you might find it

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