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I’m a big fan of Free Culture and free open source web services too, licensed under the AGPL. The example I use most is probably, because I’m a noisy git and I like talking to people. I also wrote

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What The Bing?!

Everyone’s favourite technology company Microsoft are making a big attempt to break Google’s monopoly on searching the web. Odd for Microsoft to be fighting against a monopoly you might think, but they’re desperate to claw back some market share. They

Jamendo In Webware 100

I received an email this morning informing me that Jamendo (the music sharing website) has won a place in the CNET Webware 100, basically a list of websites CNET recommend. I signed up and voted for Jamendo a couple of

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Recently I wrote an article about the creation of a new web service called, I’d like to fill you in on some of the developments since then. I was fortunate enough to get some input at the time from

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Kitteh-Butt Protection

Ok this is a bit silly… actually scratch that, it’s very silly but it made me smile. Besides, I’ve never needed an excuse to be silly. As usual I’m massively behind on my RSS news feeds and while going through

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Weekly Rewind #2

Hey folks, it’s pretty late on Sunday night but I just realised I’d almost forgotten about my new series. I’m calling it the Weekly Rewind, it’s just a round up of my week really which hopefully contains some interesting and

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