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Stephen Fry – OggCamp12 Video

Hello everyone, Well now, it’s been a very long time hasn’t it? In the last month or two life has completely overtaken me and I’ve neglected the blog because of it. OggCamp was a pretty time consuming affair for me but

Live Song: The Stringman

Hello again, time for another live song. This week it’s a Neil Young tune called “The Stringman” which I’ve arranged for guitar. Usually he plays it on the piano. There’s a good version on his MTV Unplugged album which you

Live Song: Medicine Man

A picture of me playing my usual red guitar at the party

Hello all, I realise activity has been a bit slow on the blog lately but I aim to fix that soon (don’t I always). I have some ideas for interesting little techy articles to come. In the meantime I hope

Live Song: Father And Son (Cover)

A black and white picture of dan in a fedora hat on plain background

Greetings once again one and all. Here’s a special Father’s Day live song for you all. It’s June 17th and that’s Father’s Day in the UK so I’d like to dedicate this to my Dad. I searched around online all

Live Song: The Elephant In The Room

A picture of me performing at The Zanzibar in Feb 2012.

Afternoon all, I may be a day late with this weeks song but hopefully not a dollar short. Here’s my 3rd weekly song. It’s called “The Elephant In The Room” and I wrote it about 3 years ago. I’ve written

Video: Sunday Morning Coming Down

A black and white picture of dan in a fedora hat on plain background

Hello again everyone. Last week I began a new project to post live acoustic videos on YouTube and the good news is that it’s made it into week two. Here’s the second song. It’s my rendition of “Sunday Morning Coming