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Do You Work For Canonical?

Lately whenever I’m on my Google+ page this little message shows up. See below…. It asks me if I work for Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu Linux (for the uninitiated). I don’t. Not a company I am either for or

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Kitteh-Butt Protection

Ok this is a bit silly… actually scratch that, it’s very silly but it made me smile. Besides, I’ve never needed an excuse to be silly. As usual I’m massively behind on my RSS news feeds and while going through

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Jargon Jam – Linux

I’d thought I’d use today to launch a new series of articles I’m calling Jargon Jam. As you can probably guess from the title, the basic idea is to try and explain some of the jargon terms we Linux geeks

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Video: Rock The Dock

Just a quick post to clear up something we recently discussed on Linux Outlaws. I’m a big fan of Gnome Do, the little tool that makes launching apps on your desktop faster and easier. In recent versions – 0.8.x and

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Distro Review: Debian Lenny

Ok it’s time for another distro review and I’m a bit overdue with this one but I’m a big fan of Debian and the dedicated community who develop it I make no secret of that. When I reviewed Etch (4.0)

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Software Tip: Using Unetbootin

[ad#narrowbar] I realise by now practically everyone in the world has been using USB flash memory sticks for a long time but for some odd reason I’ve never actually bought one myself. Why is this you ask? Well, I suppose

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