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Weekly Rewind #38

It’s a slightly late weekly rewind this time I’m afraid folks. I actually began writing this yesterday, I got about 200 words in and then managed to lose what I’d written. It’s all my own fault, user error. 200 words

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Barcamp Manchester Needs You

This is just a quick event post but for all the International readers I apologise, if you don’t live within traveling distance of Manchester in the UK, this isn’t going to be very relevant to you. So you might want

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Weekly Rewind #37

It’s that time of the week again. Yep that’s right, the time of the week where I bore you to death with the events of my life. As week’s go this one’s been a fairly quiet for me, but only

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Video: Audio Production With Free Software

I have something of a treat for you today. Well, I hope it will prove to be a treat anyway. It’s the long awaited video from my talk to the Manchester Free Software group in July. Not surprisingly it was

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Weekly Rewind #24

Greetings all and welcome to another Weekly Rewind, number 24. Half way to the meaning of life, which as everyone knows is 42. (EDIT: Thanks to Barry for pointing out in the comments that 24 is not half of 42,

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Weekly Rewind #11

O hai, it’s time for another Weekly Rewind already. It’s been an interesting week punctuated by some very cool events. It all started with Linux Outlaws 88 on Monday night, as my weeks always seem to do these days. We

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