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All AMPed Up

Hey folks, just a very quick post to let you know I presented the AMPed podcast this week. It’s the weekly round up from the Association Of Music Podcasting which I joined quite recently. The show contains music submitted by

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You Know You’ve Made It When…

…someone decides to make a program just to track what you’ve been eating and post it to a Google Calendar 😀 It seems that’s what the good folks from the Linux Link Tech Show have done. I was told about

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Weekly Rewind #14

It’s time for another Weekly Rewind. Number 14 to be precise but I can’t think of any appropriate jokes for that number, sorry. You’ll have to fill them in for yourselves, it’s open source after all. A reasonably quiet weekly

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Weekly Rewind #10

Well well well, now then, don’t worry I’m not turning into Jimmy Saville “now then, now then”; I’m just a bit shocked that it’s the 10th Weekly Rewind already. How did 10 weeks pass by so quickly? Anyway, much like

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Linux Outlaws 75 Released

Hey everyone, just a quick note to let you know that episode 75 of the Linux Outlaws podcast was released this afternoon. It contains our in-depth interview with Miguel De Icaza of Novell and I think you might find it

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