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Weekly Rewind #16

Phew it’s hot today. As Robin Williams said in Good Morning Vietnam “It’s hot!! Damn hot!!”. I’m sat on the sofa doing very little and still sweating like an overweight tourist. I’m not in very good shape, so sweating for

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Weekly Rewind #13

Unlucky for some but it’s the 13th Weekly Rewind. This Sunday finds me using the free wi-fi at a pub in the exotic climbs of Wigan, Lancashire. Technically it’s not Wigan it’s a small town nearby called Orrell, but since

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Weekly Rewind #12

Weekly Rewind number 12 already, the Dirty Dozen; I’m half expecting Lee Marvin and Telly Savalas to burst through the window at any moment. It’s been an eventful and emotional week, all kicked off as usual by Linux Outlaws on

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Weekly Rewind #9

Hello folks, it’s that time again already so I’d better fill you in on events this week: On Monday evening we did Linux Outlaws after a major delay and some technical problems. We were supposed to start at 7pm (UK)

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Weekly Rewind #8

It’s Rewind time again. I don’t think it’ll be a long one this week, but then I always say that and still end up with 1000 words. Let’s get into it: On Sunday afternoon – technically last week I know

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Weekly Rewind #7

Another week, another dollar. Ok so that’s not the exact saying but you get the idea. It’s been quite a packed and interesting few days; there’s much to report and reflect on, and I hope you’ll find some it interesting.

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